Sustainable Brands
by Candice D. McLeod , Sustainable Brands - 4/29/2013
SBIO Semi-Finalist PrintEco Wants To Help You Save Time and Paper
Triple Pundit
by Candice D. McLeod , Triple Pundit - 4/29/2013
Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SBIO) 2013 Semi-Finalist Interview: PrintEco
by Derek Lee, BitsDuJour - 4/20/2013
With PrintEco, you don’t have to take the time and effort to reformat your print jobs, because PrintEco does it better, faster, and automatically!
by Adam Fridman , Inc Well - 4/4/2013
How PrintEco's 'Go Green' Software Will Earn Big Green
Freeware Genius
by Samer Kurdi , Freeware Genius - 1/26/2013
Save paper and print from Office more efficiently, with 'PrintEco Office'
by Jennifer Wang , Entrepreneur - 5/22/2012
100 Brilliant Companies, in the tech category.
Triple Pundit
by Raz Godelnik, Triple Pundit - 1/20/2012
This is exactly where PrintEco gets into the picture, offering households and businesses software that will save them money and reduce their carbon footprint.
Opportunity Green
by Kristall Lutz, Opportunity Green - 11/17/2011
PrintEco was selected by the attendees via real time text as the OG25 Start Up Winner.
by Heather Clancy, ZDNet - 9/12/2011
Other similar utilities require to spend time reviewing the print preview and making selections, but PrintEco lets you do some scripting to eliminate that step.
NBC Chicago
by David Wolinsky, Inc Well - 7/22/2011
Dropping a four-page document down to a two-page document might not sound like the most exciting selling point, but the company insists it helps reduce printing costs by up to 17 percent.
by Candice Lombardi, CNET - 7/20/2011
The extension is especially useful when printing directly from the Web, which often requires a few extra steps (or a quick cut and paste into Word) if you want a streamlined print job free of ancillary information and odd formatting.
by Grace Lien, AEL - Spring 2010
Entrepreneurs discover sources of opportunity through a variety of ways - for some it's through research, for others, it's through modification of an original idea, and for some lucky ones, they identify a business opportunity in the least unexpected moments: serendipitously.
Daily Illini
by Meghan Keenan, Daily Illini - 10/4/2010
By eliminating waste from printing, companies can benefit the environment while also saving big.
Tech Cocktail
by Samantha Strauss, Tech Cocktail - 9/3/2011
How many times have you noticed that even a printer-friendly version of a web page wastes tons of paper? It can be thoroughly frustrating when you try to conserve resources yet still end up with stacks of paper, much of it ending up in the trash. Fortunately, PrintEco, an Illinois-based startup, is on a mission to dramatically reduce printing costs in our budget and environment.